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Everyone living at St Andrew’s House has the following services available: the presence of housing staff 7 days a week (not 24 hours), a daily 2 course hot midday meal service, social alarm system through to staff / alarm monitoring centre (24 hours) and a programme of social events and activities.  In addition those in receipt of an extra care service will have the availability of care and support staff 24 hours a day.

To qualify for Sheltered Plus Services

You will need to be 60 or older in need of the additional services provided at St Andrew’s House to retain your independence.

To qualify for Extra Care Services

You will need to be 65 or older and eligible for social care support commissioned via Nottinghamshire County Council, and want to retain or regain your independence.

The care and support offered at St Andrew’s House is based on the principle of working with you to assist you do more for yourself i.e. the interventions and support offered focuses on supporting independence.

Living in extra care housing means tenants have access to care staff 24 hours a day to help with personal care needs.

The care service at St Andrew’s House is provided by Human Support Group who have been commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council.

Enquires about St Andrew’s House can be made by contacting the scheme on 0115 969 1332 or by email st.andrewshouse@jigsawhomes.org.uk

Enquires about extra care services in Nottinghamshire should be made to Adult Social Care on 0300 500 80 80. 

SPRIING - Reducing loneliness in our community

We are working with Gedling Borough Council to provide a service to reduce loneliness and help people to become more involved and socially active in their community.

This service is called SPRIING (Social Prescribing Reducing Isolation in Gedling).Find out more here.

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