How we let our homes

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How we allocate our homes

We have over 3,300 homes across Nottinghamshire ranging in type and size from one bedroom apartments to larger family houses.  We are the largest provider of four bedroom houses in Gedling.

When our homes become available, we work with our Local Authority partners to identify new tenants from people registered on their allocation schemes.

Choice-Based Lettings

We are part of Home Search, the sub-regional Choice Based Lettings Scheme operating across the three Boroughs of Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe..part of a Choice Based

Home Search gives you more choice about the home you wish to live in by applying for a home with a council or housing association.

Choice-based Lettings homes are advertised as-and-when they become available and a deadline is set for interested applicants to express an interest in the home.  This is known as ‘bidding’.

The bids for each home are then looked at and the applicant who is assessed to be in the greatest housing need, is usually given first refusal of the property.


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