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Our neighbourhood service now consists of the following three new teams:

  • Tenancy Matters. Dealing with anything relating to tenancies and neighbourhood management that cannot be resolved by Connect at the first point of contact.
  • Neighbourhood Engagement. Dealing with neighbourhood plans, Jigsaw Rewards, Jigsaw Foundation (launching soon), scrutiny, and resident involvement.
  • Neighbourhood Safety. Managing anti-social behaviour, enforcement and prevention, perpetrator support, and safeguarding.

Jigsaw has already made positive steps towards empowering tenants and the engagement team will continue to work on projects like Jigsaw Rewards, a new initiative for tenants to earn points towards high street vouchers or rent credits in exchange for their feedback on services. Jigsaw Foundation, a scheme to award community grants will also launch later this year.

If you have a neighbourhood query, please contact ‘connect’ our customer contact service on 0115 905 1515 / 0300 011 1144.

You can also keep up to date with news from your landlord and the wider Jigsaw Group on social media at:

Twitter @Gedling_Homes or @JigsawHG

Facebook www.facebook.com/gedlinghomes/

SPRIING - Reducing lonelinesss in our community

We are working with Gedling Borough Council to provide a service to reduce loneliness and help people to become more involved and socially active in their community.

This service is called SPRIING (Social Prescribing Reducing Isolation in Gedling). Find out more here.


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