Q3 Customer Feedback Update

Q3 Customer Feedback Update

We are always keen to hear your feedback as this helps us to learn and understand areas where we are delivering services well and areas where we can improve.

Dissatisfaction and informal complaints

Informal complaints and dissatisfaction are recorded through our customer contact service Connect. The most common reason for dissatisfaction is unresolved repairs and property related issues.

The main theme of dissatisfaction is communication and keeping customers updated when repairs encounter delays due to pressures with resource availability and the knock-on effect this has had in service delivery to customers.

We have made improvements to the way we update customers when delays occur through weekly text updates which has contributed to some improvement in the year.

We continue to maintain positive satisfaction scores from our customer feedback surveys when repairs are completed at our properties.

If you receive a customer feedback survey about our services, please take the time to leave a comment with your score – it really does help us to understand the areas which are working well and the areas where we need to consider improvements.

Formal Complaint Investigations

In most cases, the quickest and most effective way to resolve complaints or dissatisfaction is for us to try to put things right quickly working with our managers.

However, if you remain unhappy with how your complaint has been handled, you can escalate your complaint to the formal process. More information, including the role of The Housing Ombudsman can be found here

During Quarter 3 (October to December 2022) we closed 74 complaint investigations through our formal complaints process.

In 13 cases, the customer remained unhappy with the investigation and response and escalated their complaint to the final Review stage of the complaints process.

Complaints (Stage 1 – Investigation) Q1 April- June 2022

Jigsaw North: 26

Jigsaw Tameside: 28

Jigsaw Midlands: 6

Jigsaw Support: 0

Total (closed cases): 60


Complaints (Stage 1 – Investigation) Q2 July-September 2022

Jigsaw North: 43

Jigsaw Tameside: 23

Jigsaw Midlands: 7

Jigsaw Support: 0

Total (closed cases): 73


Complaints (Stage 1 – Investigation) Q3 October-December 2022

Jigsaw North: 45

Jigsaw Tameside: 24

Jigsaw Midlands: 5

Jigsaw Support: 0

Total (closed cases): 74


Complaint Outcomes Q3 October-December 2022

Complaint upheld (service failure): 19

Complaint upheld in part (partial service failure): 15

Complaint not upheld (no service failure): 40


Complaint Investigations by Department Q3 October-December 2022

Allocations/Lettings: 1

Repairs – Planned/Investment: 5

Repairs – Routine responsive: 37

Neighbourhood Safety (ASB): 9

Asset Management – Environmental: 3

Neighbourhood – Tenancy Matters: 5

Development/ new builds: 8

Income recovery: 1

Service charge/ leasehold: 2

Other/ multiple issues: 3


Housing Ombudsman Service

We received two determinations from The Housing Ombudsman during this reporting period.  In one case service failure was identified.

Case 1: The complaint is about the Association’s response to asbestos concerns.

Determination: No service failure.

Case 2:  Landlords decision not to remove service charges for intercom services provided.

Determination: No service failure with charges applied, however failings identified with communication to resident.


The landlord is ordered to pay the resident a total of £100 in recognition of the detriment and confusion caused through its poor communication.

The landlord is to provide refresher training to ensure that relevant staff are aware of its contractors service obligations with regards to the intercom services it provides.


Legal Disrepair Claims

A disrepair claim is a legal claim brought against Jigsaw Homes for an alleged failure to complete repairs at your home within a reasonable period. The Claims Management Company will usually receive a fee if you agree to pursue a claim and there will often be substantial legal costs incurred.

It is important that you are aware of all the charges that might apply if you agree to pursue a claim, as these will usually be taken from any compensation awarded to you. If you are unsure as to the charges or your rights after entering into an agreement, please speak to your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

Disrepair (Legal) claim outcomes for closed cases during reporting period – Q1 April-June 2022

Successfully defended by landlord: 30

Settled (with costs): 13

Case dismissed at court: 1

Unsuccessful at trial: 0

Successful at trial: 0

Claim withdrawn by tenant: 1


Disrepair (Legal) claim outcomes for closed cases during reporting period – Q2 July-September 2022

Successfully defended by landlord: 50

Settled (with costs): 26

Case dismissed at court: 0

Unsuccessful at trial: 1

Successful at trial: 4

Claim withdrawn by tenant: 2


Disrepair (Legal) claim outcomes for closed cases during reporting period – Q3 October-December 2022

Successfully defended by landlord: 32

Settled (with costs): 23

Case dismissed at court: 0

Unsuccessful at trial: 0

Successful at trial: 0

Claim withdrawn by tenant: 14


We can help

Jigsaw Homes wants to make sure all its residents live in homes free from any repairs.  If you have any repairs or concerns regarding your home, please contact us so we can help resolve your issues and complete any works that might be needed.

We have a robust complaints process and compensation policy. The purpose of these policies is to ensure that everyone can raise a complaint, have it thoroughly investigated and resolved quickly. We follow The Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code and offer compensation where appropriate.