Tenant’s Annual Report 2022/23

Tenant’s Annual Report 2022/23

We have officially launched our Tenant’s Annual Report 2022/2023

The report looks at our performance for the period ending 31 March 2023. To help shape the content of this annual report, we asked our residents through Jigsaw Rewards what type of information they would like to see.

You chose five key topics:

  • Complaints
  • Repairs
  • Neighbourhood plans
  • Our Jigsaw Foundation
  • Jigsaw Support

To read about these topics and more, click here here.

For more information about the Jigsaw Foundation Click here and to be involved in shaping the next tenant annual report, sign up for Jigsaw Rewards here.

Reporting of performance is part of meeting the regulatory standard and forms part of the Group’s assessment of the Regulatory framework.