Conversion of New Charter Homes to a Community Benefit Society

Conversion of New Charter Homes to a Community Benefit Society

The board of New Charter Homes has recently taken a decision to convert New Charter Homes from a charitable company limited by guarantee to a community benefit society. The conversion process places an obligation on New Charter Homes to consult with its residents about the change. Whilst New Charter Homes is converting from a company to a CBS, it will still remain a charity and therefore will still be subject to charity law.

The reasoning behind the rule changes is our wish to harmonise the constitutions of the six landlords within the Jigsaw Homes Group, of which New Charter Homes is one, so that they have the same quorums, number of board members, etc. This will streamline governance within the Jigsaw Group and make decision making simpler.

If you are a tenant or leaseholder with New Charter Homes, the change does not impact in any way on your terms and conditions or your rights. The legal advice that the Group has received states that:

‘Consultation with (although not consent from) residents and employees will be required prior to any final decision to proceed, and responses to this consultation will need to be considered before making the final decision to convert. The conversion has no impact on the rights or responsibilities of residents or of employees.’

Should you have any comments, could you please let me have these by noon on Friday 12 April 2019.

Please send your comments to or write to:

Group Company Secretary
Jigsaw Homes Group
Cavendish 249
Cavendish Street

Yours sincerely,

Brian Moran
Deputy Chief Executive & Group Company Secretary