You Said, We Did: Anti-Social Behaviour Policy Review 2023

You Said, We Did: Anti-Social Behaviour Policy Review 2023

Thank you to the 136 Jigsaw Rewards members who helped us to review our Anti-Social Behaviour Policy in September 2023.

A total of 95% of the members who took part agreed with the way we define anti-social behaviour and 97% said they agree with our four-step approach to tackling anti-social behaviour.

Our approach to tackling anti-social behaviour is very influenced by legislation, regulation and best practice, so given this and the positive feedback from Jigsaw Rewards members we have only made some slight changes to the policy.


You said:  That you agree with both the four-step approach and definition of anti-social behaviour which Jigsaw use.

We did: We will continue to take this approach but have also made some slight tweaks to the policy based on the comments people gave as part of the survey.


You said: The policy should include the email address you can use to report anti-social behaviour.

We did: We’ve amended the policy to advise that anti-social behaviour can be reported to


You said: Some people may prefer to report anti-social behaviour anonymously if they fear repercussions.

We did: Added a section to the policy explaining that people can report anti-social behaviour anonymously and how to do this, but it may be harder for us to take legal action in court against the perpetrator without a formal witness.


Thank you again to everyone who took part in the survey.

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