You Said We Did: Furnished Tenancy Survey

Recently, 235 Jigsaw Rewards members took part in our Furnished Tenancy survey and shared their thoughts on how furnished tenancies might work best at Jigsaw.

Here’s how we acted on your feedback:


You said: 77% of the survey participants said that they would have found a furnished tenancy helpful when they first moved into their home.

We did: We have extended our furnished tenancy pilot for a 3rd year and increased our budget for it by 30%.


You said: Flooring and carpeting was the item that people said was their first choice for what they wanted as part of a furnished tenancy.

We did: We plan to spend 50% of our budget on carpeting and flooring next year to reflect this priority.


You said: Several people said that they felt the weekly cost of a paid for furnished tenancy would be too high.

We did: We decided to stick with gifting new and re-useable furniture, rather than charging for it via a service charge.


You said: 88% of the people who took part in the survey said they would be happy to receive a pre-owned item in good condition.

We did: We’ve also extended our gifting programme ‘See it; gift it’ which donates furniture direct to new customers from empty homes.


Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey.


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