You Said We Did: Online Repair Booking Survey

You Said We Did: Online Repair Booking Survey

We are developing the existing “My Jigsaw” service to allow residents to book repair appointments. The service will allow residents to report a repair to us and for most common repairs, the system will present a number of appointments to choose from.

In this survey, we asked the views of 200 Jigsaw Rewards members to help us plan for the roll-out of repair booking service.

You said: 68% of residents wanted the service to be branded as ‘iAppoint’.

We did:  We will use this name to refer to the service in all future branding.

You said: The majority of survey participants wanted to be able to see two years of their repairs history within My Jigsaw.

We did: We will ensure that two years of repairs history is visible in My Jigsaw.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey.

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