Lights, Camera, Action in Nottingham

Lights, Camera, Action in Nottingham

Residents in Nottingham attended the dazzling film premiere about their local town of Carlton, created by City Arts Nottingham and funded by the Jigsaw Foundation.

The short film was created by filmmaker Owen Davis as part of the ‘My Voice! My Place!’ project and featured snapshots from different interviews with 45 people including Jigsaw residents and local primary school children.

They each spoke about their experience living in Carlton as the film aimed to capture the places, spaces and voices significant to the area.

Around 80 people came to watch the film at the Richard Herrod Centre, and they all enjoyed hot drinks and a buffet. They were also treated to a performance from local dance company Simply Dance, the Jigsaw Homes Singers and enjoyed a show by Handmade Theatre, all funded by Jigsaw’s Neighbourhood Engagement Team.

Martin Curtis, Jigsaw’s Neighbourhood Engagement Officer, said: “The film gave an opportunity for different age groups to give their thoughts on the area and the event brought people together from across Carlton for a special afternoon celebrating their locality.”