Contacting us with speech and hearing disabilities

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This article outlines options to make it easier for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired to contact us.

Next Generation Text Service

If you can’t hear the other person’s voice during telephone calls, or don’t catch absolutely everything they’re saying, or they do not seem to understand what you’re saying, the Next Generation Text (NGT) Service can help.

By using a smartphone, tablet, or computer and making a phone call, you can type to a relay assistant who will speak your words to the person you’re calling.  The relay assistant will type their reply back so you can read it on your display.  You can use NGT at home, at work, or on the move.

  • Can’t hear on the phone, then a relay assistant will type what the other person is saying so that you can read their words.
  • Can’t speak on the phone, thenb type what you want to say and a relay assistant will speak your words to the other person.

If you still want to use a textphone, NGT can work with textphones in the same way as the old Text Relay.

For more information on NGTS please visit

Text Relay

Text Relay is used to help our customers that use a textphone (sometimes called a Minicom) access our call centre services.

If you use a textphone, you can call us using Text Relay.  Simply dial 18001, then 01942 608715 for contact during office hours.  A Text Relay assistant will join the call and assist you in talking to us.

Our office opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays and days between Christmas and New Year.

To learn more about this service please visit the Text Relay website.

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