You Said, We Did: Domestic Abuse Policy Review Consultation

You Said, We Did: Domestic Abuse Policy Review Consultation

In July 2023,  106 Jigsaw Rewards members took part in this survey to help us review our Domestic Abuse Policy. There was a lot of positive feedback about our approach and 99% of the survey participants said they felt we were doing enough to help survivors of domestic abuse.

Our approach is very influenced by legislation, regulation and best practice, so given this and the positive feedback from Jigsaw Rewards members we have only made some slight changes to the policy.

You said: 100% of the people who responded to the survey agreed with Jigsaw’s current approach to supporting survivors of domestic abuse.

We did: We will continue our existing approach but have also made some slight tweaks to the policy based on the comments people gave as part of the survey.


You said: The policy isn’t clear whether Jigsaw also support male survivors of domestic abuse.

We did: We have changed to policy to make it clear the support is also available for men.


Other changes we have also made to the policy include changing the language we use, for example, “survivor of domestic abuse” rather than “victim” and introducing an additional policy explaining how we will support Jigsaw staff who are survivors of domestic abuse .


Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey.

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