You Said We Did: Leasehold Management Policy Review Survey

In September, 194 Jigsaw Rewards members helped us review our Leasehold Management policy, including leaseholders who were able to share their personal experience.

Although much of the policy content is determined by legislation, we wanted to make sure that the parts of the policy within our control meet the expectations of residents and leaseholders.

Here’s an update on how we’re acting on the feedback from the survey:


You said: The significant majority of people who took part in the survey were happy with the range of topics covered by the policy, for example insurance information and fire safety responsibilities.

We did: These topics will remain covered within the policy.


You said: 90% all of survey participants and 100% of the leaseholders who answered the survey felt that there should be a link to the Jigsaw website within the policy.

We did: The link has now been added to the policy.


Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey.

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